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Get ready for some serious feels on this one. Relatively new LA-based producer/singer/songwriter Emmit Fenn exploded onto the scene last year with his captivating “Painting Greys” and he’s finally back with a stellar follow-up. His fresh style can be characterized by modulated vocals, a fusion of innovative electronic production and classically-inspired instrumentation, and an undeniable sense of introspection. While “Painting Greys” maintained a fairly minimal approach, “Blinded” is more of a grand ballad in which he makes further use of gentle piano and soaring strings, building with percussion into quite the cinematic presentation. Watch this guy in 2017 — there’s bound to be some truly amazing things coming soon.


Music, Original MixMike DooseComment

Crywolf is at it again! Last month, we received the first original single from the LA post-EDM artist in the form of "Quantum Immortality", which we loved! While "Quantum Immortality" was a bit of a departure for him, being a more standardized song structure, "Windswept" brings us back to where we fell in love with his debut LP Cataclasm. He likens the track to his childhood love for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody":

"Ever since I heard Bohemian Rhapsody as a kid, I’ve loved music that abandons typical verse/chorus structures in favor of movements — like the modern equivalent of a symphony."

"Windswept" follows in this suit, ebbing and flowing instead of hooking and repeating. If these last two masterpieces are any indicator of the quality of his forthcoming EP, we're in for a serious treat.