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Over the past year or so I have been loving everything about Gilligan Moss, and after they played a scorching set on our boat party this past summer, you can say we are in love now. Haha! Today they drop a new single “What Could I Say?” that is giving me all kinds of rad vibes. It’s almost a cross of a 00’s bloghouse / indie dance sound with their house flavor … I’m into it! Get your weekend started with this one …. the groove is real!



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Today our love JackLNDN dropped his new full length record Thoughts and we are swooning! 12 house tracks dripping with serious dance grooves and sweet R&B vibes …. perfect for any poolside party with all your friends … major, major vibes. I chose to feature track 1 “Beautiful Life” because it sets the tone for the whole record … finding your happy place! JackLNDN is one of the most wonderful humans around, kind and passionate about his music, but also loving and hilarious, we have had so many amazing moments together (you deserve the world Jack) and I can remember every one on each track I hear from this new record. DO what’s right kids - swoop this one HERE!



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As Sensu anticipates the release of her forthcoming debut album titled Embrace, she tantalizes our earholes once more with “Issues” featuring Ryck Jane. As a classically trained pianist, she incorporates her musical knowledge into every aspect of her music, creating something new and innovative in the hip-hop-fused electronic world. On this specific single, she explains she was inspired by “Asian music and instruments,” which you can definitely hear within the various production elements. She wanted to make a female MC to make the track “complete,” and Ryck Jane worked her magic.

Sensu’s debut album will be released later this summer, with a sprinkle of single releases in between.



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Having experienced considerable success as solo artists in their respective careers, Madnap and yetep are proud to unveil their brand new collaboration "It's Just You" feat. Miranda Glory. The beautiful melodic single is out now via noted tastemaker imprint Thrive Music. Stylistically, Madnap and yetep are a match made in heaven. The two producers have a penchant for producing emotive, technically sound tunes and their latest is no different. Miranda Glory's sweeping vocals add a significantly sensitive tough to an otherwise energetic bed of instrumental layering for a final product that yetep feels "showcases how versatile we can be".  

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ALIGN is back with one more single before the release of his debut EP, Intertwine. “Embrace” is the third and final release from ALIGN in anticipation of the EP. The single embodies every summer vibe imaginable as it kicks off with the sounds of an old school movie projector, transporting the listener back to a completely different time period. “Embrace” is the first single on the EP, setting the tone for what is to come.

Intertwine will be out on June 12.



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Bringing an organic feel to electronic music, London ensemble Myo delivers a fresh feel with their latest single “A Particle.” While everything they touch turns to gold, this track is a moving triumph with hallowed out synths that echo across a field of honey dipped vocals. A dreamy cut brushed with shadowy hues, “A Particle” radiates a new age resonance that forges the path for a new era of dance music. Rounded out with chilling sound design, cut with jagged edges, Myo offers something distinguished in a sea of monotony. Rhythmic and visionary, “A Particle” is not one to miss.

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Alt-electronic duo LMBO strikes gold with “Still Love U,” the freshman single to their forthcoming debut EP. Embellished with thunderous synths and luxurious melodies, the dynamic offering is layered with electronic complexities. Their distinguished sound is an explorative journey through geometric sound design and evolving transitions. Paying close attention to the acute technicalities of electronic production, “Still Love U” is a wicked, experimental triumph and an incredible inside look at the EP.



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Y Balloon has been turning heads since his debut release, “Mockingbird,” the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP. The indie-electronic project is a call to action regarding society’s unhealthy tendency to obsess and abuse social media in the technological age. His second single, “Careless” is a glistening adventure through lush soundscapes inspired by the forest- where it was created in part. As crisp, whispering vocals surround atmospheric synths, a flow of emotion and truth pours out from the track. Dynamic and morally righteous, “Careless” is the second look into the Joy Of Missing Out.

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On his perpetual endeavor to capture the hearts of millions through sound, Nashville-native Super Duper stuns in his “Open Eyes,” featuring Nashville songstress Madi Diaz. A captivating journey through lush synths and sublime vocals, Super Duper’s latest and final single ahead of EP release is a true treat. Ripe with passion, “Open Eyes” charms from the get-go, and entraps eager listeners alike. Stay tuned — Super Duper’s Vessels EP is out everywhere Friday, March 8.

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey