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Giving fans the third and final look into their forthcoming debut EP, LMBO blends darkness and light with their latest single, “Netter Bot.” Existing somewhere in the spaces between haunting dance music and riveting electro-pop, this intoxicating joint surpasses critic expectations. An ebb and flow of static instrumental tenor blends effortlessly with spellbinding, alternative vocals. Digital chords strike against an inventive rhythm that helps solidify their place in dance music as avant-garde visionaries. Conjuring up sounds that have yet to be surveyed in contemporary EDM, LMBO leaves listeners eager for more via “Netter Bot.” Stay tuned for the highly anticipated LMBO EP.



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“Better Apart” by Jai Wolf ft. Dresage is the fifth single from his forthcoming debut album The Cure to Loneliness. So far, his past singles have showed him evolving as an artist, while heading more towards an alternative-indie style sound. In this single, he enlists Dresage for another high-energy, feel-good hit. Her light and airy vocals are backed behind classic and ethereal Jai Wolf production.

This release marks the final single before The Cure to Loneliness. This album is his chance to shine amongst his other Foreign Family Collective label-mates as he progresses further away from just being the artist behind “Indian Summer.” I can’t wait to hear what he has in store!

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Slow Magic is a master at creating fluttery and infectious rhythms over pounding beats. His discography reflects this, with hits such as “Girls” and “Waited 4 U.” Last night, he kicked off his tour with a brand new live set-up. To celebrate such a monumental occasion, he dropped his remix of Manila Killa’s “Wake Up Call.” I stumbled upon the remix totally by accident as I was deep into a Spotify search, and how pleasantly surprised I was! “Wake Up Call” is the second track on Manila Killa’s recently released album titled 1993.

Slow Magic’s tour is running now through May 4, stopping in major cities such as Orlando, Boulder, Las Vegas and more. To see a complete list of the cities he’s stopping in or to purchase tickets to a show, click here.

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In recent years, French producer Kidswaste has quickly become a global act to watch. Each of his tracks boast a glistening digital resonance, robust with a signature shine. His latest unveiling, “Sleeping Pills” featuring LA super-babe KOLE is a testament to his artistic innovation. Swathed in warmth, the single evokes emotion, effortlessly rousing the senses. Hills and valleys of vast landscapes rise from the spaces between each note, prompting an even-tempered listening experience. “Sleeping Pills” is defined by a slackened cadence that is equally as invigorating and effervescent. Kick back and listen to four minutes drawn from the sounds of cloud nine.

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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It’s twenty-friggin-nineteen y’all, and Beautiful Buzzz is honored to announce that one of our favorite artists to watch, Hazey Eyes, is announcing his first ever headline shows in SF, LA and NYC (dates in March listed below) and we’re giving away tickets yo! We also had a chance to talk with the young legend about everything from finishing college, to tour life, to his favorite gifs.

Known for delicate and emotive singles like "Love Is" and "Some Reason", Hazey Eyes is the producer/artist whose music you’ve probably heard, even if you don’t know him yet by name. His production can be found on the massive Spotify hit "Flare Guns" by Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, and the 22-year-old mastermind, real name Thomas Michel, has cultivated 63 million streams on Spotify alone. That’s why it’s no surprise he’s already landed touring gigs with Shallou and Petit Biscuit and released official remixes for artists like Charlie Puth, Billie Eilish, and Jai Wolf, just to name a few. His latest single "Scars (feat. Yoke Lore)" was the first off his forthcoming EP which arrives March 1st.

Our announcement of these SF/LA/NYC headline shows comes ahead of Hazey’s next single "Hungover You" which is due out on January 30th.

This tour is a game changer for the young artist as he's including a live drummer for the first time ever, adding awesome visuals and an enhanced stage setup with new instruments and of course—new music :) Tom has spent the last year and a half growing as a live performer, and is readier than ever to hit the road again. These headline shows are part of a larger slew of dates which will be announced very soon.

Here at Beautiful Buzzz, we always like to make things interesting, so we’re stoked to be giving away a pair of tickets for each headlining city. Smash this button to enter for a chance to win tix:


San Francisco @ Cafe Du Nord - March 4 - Tickets

Los Angeles @ The Echo - March 6 - Tickets

New York City @ Mercury Lounge - March 23 - Tickets

Without further ado, let’s get into it with Hazey Eyes:

BB: Remind us all, how old are you again?

HE: 22 years young!

BB: Damn, that's young. What're you going to school for?

HE: I go to Drexel University as an Electrical Engineering major—within that I'm a signal processing concentration. Counting down to graduation in June!!

BB: We heard you built some sort of robot piano?

HE: Haha sorta, for my senior design project my team and I are creating a system that takes a piano and vibrate the strings with magnets instead of the traditional hammers. It creates a sound more similar to a synthesizer, but still creates sound using the body of the piano.

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BB: tell us about this upcoming tour. What cities are you playing in? Are you bringing a robot piano with you?

HE: This tour is three headlining dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York! There are indeed more dates I'll be playing around these but that's all I'm allowed to say for now. I am unfortunately not bringing the robot piano, but I am bringing an entirely new live set that I'm super excited about.

BB: Do you have favorite spots in any of the cities you're playing in? Any secret Hazey Eyes approved pre- or post-show must-gos?

HE: It's not really a secret, but I never get to experience In-N-Out since I live on the east coast, so I always hit that when I'm in LA. For New York, usually any food truck will do. By the time shows are over I'm super hungry and will eat anything.

BB: Can your fans expect any new music coming in 2019 around the tour?

HE: Yes, definitely. There will be a new single this month and even more to follow that, and the details about that will be released very soon.

BB: Do you ever get homesick on the road? If so, what's your cure for homesickness on the road?

HE: Yeah it gets weird sometimes being in a different city every day, but it makes going home feel fresh every time I do it which is kinda nice. So far I've had to bring homework with me on every tour and nothing gets me back into the Philly/school spirit like a nice coding assignment.  

BB: Do you have any favorite songs to listen to on the road? What about before a show? Any funny pre-show rituals?

HE: I listen to a lot of LANY on the road while I'm traveling and stuff in a similar vein to that—not totally sure why but it hasn't failed me yet. Before a show I listen to some high energy music, whether it be rap or something electronic, just to get in the mood to give it my all during a performance. I don't have any pre-show rituals as of now, but that may change in the future. I like to stay in the moment and just go do it, ya know?

BB: Okay, now for the good you have a favorite gif (or three)?

HE: Gifs from the Office are always super effective!

BB: What's your favorite color?

HE: I like blue.

BB: Pick one: a spaceship or cello.

HE: Hmm I gotta go with the spaceship, have not had the chance to try one out yet.

BB: Pick one: rain or shine.

HE: Shine for sure, doesn't mess up my shoes.

BB: Finish this sentence: "we won't stand for..."

HE: We won't stand for overcooked steak

And there you have it. Catch Hazey Eyes soon in a city near you!

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Shaping up to be one of the most influential contemporary electronic producers in the game, San Holo returns with passion and innovation with, “Show Me,” from his celebrated album1. The Dutch producer fuses glistening dance music with indie rock. Layering the electric guitar atop future-bass reverb, San Holo is a pioneer of a new wave of dance music. Breathing organic instrumentation into feel-good, digital production, “Show Me” is set to be a staple in his wildly influential career. This outline of righteously syncopated resonance stands as a testament that San Holo will never settle. Straddling the boundaries of experimental electronic and alternative dance music, “Show Me” is nothing short of stunning. The ever-evolving San Holo’s album1 is available now on all major streaming platforms- join us as we listen to the sounds of history being made with this charismatic manifesto of sounds.



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Celebrating the echoing soundscapes of indie electronic music, Berkeley-based producer Emmit Fenn returns in an R&B-esque fashion with his latest drop, “Without You” featuring Drew Love. Defined by a slackened cadence and seductive lyricism, the duo showcases a deep sense of synchronicity. Revered not only for his mellow take on dance music, Emmit’s poetic vocals simultaneously stand as a pillar in his signature aesthetic. “Without You” is as tranquil as it is prolific. The silvery outline pays tribute to music that reaches far beyond the influence of everyday electronic production. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Polished and fluid, “Without You” stands at the apex of indie-R&B. Emmit, Drew, we're listening. 



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Hailing from the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas’ Far & Few returns drifting with the same wind that blew them into a slew of successes with their latest release, “Ghost.” Having received notoriety from Alison Wonderland, NEST HQ, Diplo & Friends, and Triple J Radio- Far & Few is capitalizing on their recent admiration with a subtle, poised swagger. The southern duo manipulates sounds that extend far beyond Texas electronic production- striking chords by the likes of electro-R&B, indie-electronic, and a distinct resonance unique enough to call their own.  “Ghost” is a take on Stwo’s classic single, “Haunted.” Remaining a deep sense of respect for the original, Far & Few rewired “Haunted” into a looming, sensually-electro framework that exists at the apex of indie production. Unapologetically themselves, Far & Few is fossilizing their legacy one single at time- watch this space.  



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He claims he is never mad, and never takes naps- quite the conundrum considering his name is Madnap. Tune into his remix of Win and Woo’s “Chasing Tail,” and you’ll get a proper feel of his refreshing, optimistic, awakening energy. A musician named after the perfect contradiction, Madnap leaves a distinct imprint on Win & Woo’s original piece, loosening the feel of a once specifically-tuned framework. Delicate melodies compliment a striking layer of synth production, lengthening the frequencies of the original single. As Madnap continues to release gem after gem, his signature sound becomes more defined, solidifying his position as one of our favorite producers to watch this year. Chill out with this fine flip of “Chasing Tail.”