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Oh boy .... it's that time again!  Prince Fox in San Francisco is like your birthday and Christmas fun all at once! Our bestie is coming back to the bay to SLAY, and this time Beautiful Buzzz is teaming up with VITAL to throw one hell of a rager at Mezzanine on April 28! Our Prince Fox shows have quite the reputation of raging bliss. We've put together a fantastic lineup with Ship Wrek, our Aussie homie Yahtzel, and the official SF debut of that top industry dog .... Lil Hank! Bananas!  Tickets are on sale now, so swoop them ASAP! Also, check out Prince Fox's new cover of "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World.  


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Bit by bit - emerging artist Lil Hank is showing us how to live a dog's life through every new song that's released. His latest track "Stole UR Girl PT 1" reflects the overwhelming effect he has on all your girlfriends (and boyfriends TBH) ..... he swoops in and steals their heart faster than you can blink an eye. With sexy R&B tones and delicious future beats, Lil Hank gives us that irresistible vibe and we are lost in his shining light once again. I think the best part is this is part 1 - which means Lil Hank has no plans on stoppng .... done stole her!  


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Lil Hank never ever let's me down .... but on the real ... his latest remix of "Life or Just Living" by Caveman is everything. I was recently hangin in LA with Lil Hank, he invited me to come check out the new Next Wave + Moving Castle offices/store front on Melrose and we spent all afternoon talking and cuddling, and I got to watch him do a photo shoot for new press photos, it was super fun. After meeting him I now 100% get what all the fuss is about - not only is he dropping the freshest jams, basically changing the music industry as the first doggo, but he's also so sweet and grateful just to be alive, greeting every person who walks through the door and instantly making friends. He's not afraid to be himself, sit on your lap, or pee on your couch. He even took a nap on Whethan's head while I was there, proving that he's down to collab with other artists any way he can. Such a dope dude, and deserves all the success. However, the music speaks for itself .... just listen to this new track and try to tell me you don't feel all kinds of sexy! Soaked in dank R&B vibes, this electro soul sound is what dreams are made of .... it's like he's able to tap into your feel good vibes with one lick on the face. Amazing! He recently debuted his first live sets at Coachella and in LA, and I can't wait to see what's next from everyone's favorite top industry dog!

You can also check out our Lil Hank Buzzzmix Vol. 30 from last year HERE!  


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Buzzzmix Vol. 30 marks a milestone here at Beautiful Buzzz ... we actually get to host the first mix ever from top industry dog Lil Hank, and not gonna lie I am totally psyched! From the first track "Dreaming Bout Cheese" which dropped back in March too today's guest mix, we've been supporting Lil Hank and all the joy he brings into our lives with his sweet sweet jams and funny personality. He's also been known to give some pretty awesome late night cuddles with this closest homies Jai Wolf, Cashmere Cat, Mija, Bearson plus more. Lil Hank is starting to dominate the LA music scene, showing up at A list parties and endlessly working in the studio producing the siiickest music to date. He's crushed Buzzzmix Vol. 30 - no tracklist provided with this one .... he just wants you to feel the vibes! Grab a free download HERE!  


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A few months back we introduced you to top industry dog Lil Hank, he quietly dropped his first tracks w/o really working the hustle ... he was just trying to express himself through his music. It wasn't about the hype or the fame, because for Lil Hank is all about the fam, belly rubs, bacon, and cheese.... However, people started to catch on, listening to his tracks and looking into is black vacant eyes and wondering .... what are you thinking about right now Lil Hank ... why are you staring at me? With his new track "Magnus Isn't Even A Cat LOL" we are seeing a more serious and deeper side, with big pulsating builds into siiiick future drops combined with dreamy melodies and whimsical vocals, we are loving every second. Lil Hank's vision is taking on a life of it's own .... we can't wait to see what's next!  


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Some people like to consider themselves top dog in the industry - but do you actually know the industry dog? Lil Hank has just dropped his first original track "Dreaming About Cheese" to celebrate his first birthday, and we're thinking his bite is just as big as his bark! Lil Hank is supported by the likes of Odesza, Mija and Cashmere Cat, and rumor has it will be making a secret appearance at Coachella in a few weeks! Don't let his soft fluffy white exterior fool you, his future glitchy beats are as smooth and sexy as they come! Grab a bone and get to know Lil Hank!