Midnight Pool Party


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Proving to be much more than a duo with an enticing name, Sydney, Australia-based Midnight Pool Party unveils "Signals," a smooth and groovy piece with electrifying spaces. Firm believers in the power of nu-disco, the twosome serves to keep the pioneering genre alive and respected. "Signals" is a cosmic explosion of chill vibes- hold the inevitable chaos resulting from explosions. Midnight Pool Party is making live-electronic music the norm by combining the sounds of digital production with guitar, bass, keys, and in-house vocals. "Signals" was born from delicate frequencies, swept through a filter of jazz and coffee-house intricacies, giving new meaning to modern day groove. 

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We took a break from The Buzzz Box playlist during July -- too much going on in the summer month to keep up! Now that we have a second to breathe, August has arrives and this playlist is on fleek featuring artists like Roosevelt, Luca Lush, Claptone, RAC, Eau Claire, JackLNDN, plus many more! So kick back, grab some headphones and take this musical journey with us!! 


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As the summer moves forward - we have been busy collecting artists top 5 summer jams to make our pool party playlists pure fire, and thing are really starting to get hot!  Next up is our girl Eau Claire!  She has put together a list full of disco feels that could make even a gloomy day seem bright!  With so few ladies currently at the forefront of this scene - the two of us stick together for ultimate girl power and definitely can hang on the same level as the boys! So kick back and enjoy summer with Eau Claire - it will be gone before you know it

KC Lights - No No No (Original Mix)
I found this one while preparing for Firefly last week and really felt it "feel good" written all over it. I'll definitely be including it in my future sets.  I love finding gems that everyone gets down to without knowing beforehand.

Blonde ft. Alex Newell - All Cried Out (NVOY Remix
I've heard this one a million times over and it's definitely one of my favorite tracks of 2015. I love all the remixes but this NVOY remix has been making its way into my sets pretty often.

Shy Girls - Clean Cut (Colour Vision Remix)
Corey (AKA Colour Vision) sent this remix of Shy Girls "Clean Cut" to me a few months back and I already knew it was going to make waves.  I love the tropical sounds that he uses while keeping an upbeat energy that's perfect to dance to.

Midnight Pool Party - Disease 
Midnight Pool Party first came on my radar with their single "Stay" and now their second single "Disease" really proves that they have a sound that is here to stay.  I love the laser synths and the vocals cuts with the original.  Stay tuned to their releases - you might even see an Eau Claire remix of it coming in the next few weeks ;)

The Roots - Break You Off (Dino Soccio Remix)
I love what Dino Soccio did with this rework of The Roots- Break You Off. He did a great job mixing in both old and new elements and the production is really clean.  Can't wait to hear more from him!