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Following the exciting release of “Scars” featuring Luna Grey, producer and drummer COFRESI delivers a thunderous music video to parallel the wicked cut. Exploring a monochromatic pallet of white and grey, the music video follows the portrayed insanities of Luna Grey in a straight jacket. As she hurls herself about, falling in and out of reality, chopped vocals and electro-rock cadences oscillate her chaos. A sinister visual to a in impressive single, “Scars” has come full circle in terms of creative direction. Listen and watch today.

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Millennial behavior is criticized in the media on what seems to be a day-to-day basis, most of which Gen Y is unabashedly proud of—challenging mainstream capitalism, redefining how America digests art, and ultimately reshaping the American experience. While this radical group of young adults are pioneering a new way of collective thought, much of it is done with the use of technology, a medium where ideas are often misconstrued. In regards to millennial romance, this digital miscommunication can prove disheartening, and worse-off, entirely fabricated. Combining conceptual, generational philosophies with a multi-dimensional myriad of instruments, singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor captured a new age in a mere 4 minutes and 35 seconds with this single "Talk To Me." The track is a gentle, charming and welcoming piece that challenges what it means to make people move. Using predominantly traditional instruments, Axel fills the spaces between each shift in chord progression with his soft, palpable psalms. His vocals pour out of the depths of his soul, kissing his lips, almost audibly, as it makes its way into our ears. It's slow, yet moving, soft, yet demanding. Moreover, the music video release of "Talk To Me" perfectly encapsulates the mantra of the song. Undoubtedly an unorthodox video, this moving picture is made of entirely of real-time Snapchats between two romantic suitors, one of which, seems to be falling for the other. With Axel playing the main character, viewers and listeners alike are welcomed into a delicate space of his creative mind—you laugh, you cry, and you feel with this video. The release of "Talk To Me" and its visual counterpart are incredibly thought out, touching, and is set to blaze trails for the way millennials look at, and utilize their every-day technology. 

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose


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For the latest release on his freshly out Frozen Throne EP, Groundislava drops a video for his Beautiful Buzzz VeteranRare Times, assisted song "The Girl Behind The Glass". The Wedidit member's visual takes you on a first person voyage through a glitchy futuristic city scape to see through the eyes of a lonely man searching for his girl. To complete the journey and make it your own, a video game has been released so that you can play and experience the journey yourself.