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Saturated with optimism and endearing melodies, Toronto-based producer Dabin and Ontario’s Inukshuk unveil “Another Day” featuring Nevve. Elegant synths complement feminine electro-pop vocals giving rise to an unmistakably charming energy. Channeling the intangible, “Another Day” embodies the sound of light- radiant, bold, even angelic. The single shimmers with each transition as all three artists share a keen sense of synchronicity. Palpable and so inherently fresh, “Another Day” is the final single ahead of Dabin’s forthcoming Wild Youth EP. Watch this space.



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Remix wizard and indie-electronic favorite, RAC just teamed up with Weezer's head honcho, Rivers Cuomo to release a dreamy, synth pop single prior to the release of his highly anticipated album, "EGO." A co-write with Classixx, "I Still Wanna Know" is an 80s-esque summer hit, garnished with pleasantly hazy production and angsty lyricism. It's a bubbly banger with a transition at 2:29 that gives it a rock 'n' roll edge. The song's ethereal instrumentals take you on a trip- from crying about a break up, to dancing in the sun. RAC released a statement with the track saying, "I was the kid at summer camp that would sit in a corner with a walkman trying to figure out how to play Weezer guitar riffs. Never in a million years did I think that I would end up writing a song with Rivers himself." I think it's safe to say that the collaboration doesn't disappoint. "EGO" is set to release July 14 and you can pre-order it here. In the mean time, make sure to add "I Still Wanna Know" to your summer Spotify playlist! 


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I am a sucker for all the dreamy electro-pop, and this young artist out of Chicago is kinda making my day! Shallou released his latest single "Begin ft. Wales" last week, and thankfully I came across it today because it's extra dreamy. With a steady dance beat and synthy melodies, Shallou combines light sounds, floaty textures and soothing harmonies, it makes me feel like dancing under a waterfall of glitter. Swoop this one via iTunes HERE!  


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So .... the 80's new wave vibe coming off this new Jai Wolf track is everything! It must have been an amazing time to be alive in the early 80's, when new wave was breaking and the youth were feeling sad and expressing themselves through synths! "Starlight" is the latest from our young Moving Castle hero, and the one thing I have always admired about Jai Wolf is that he's not afraid to use the sounds and vibes that he loves. There is a ton of beauty and feeling here, allowing us to think about what we are hearing and not just throwing trap arms (even tho I love to throw some trap arms). Jai Wolf had me at day one, and "Starlight" is just another shining example of his brilliance. Swoop this one HERE!


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The more Canadians I have in my life - the better! This yung Vancouver producer SYRE has just dropped a sweet new track via Next Wave, and it gave me goosebumps just 20 seconds in. "Next To Me" makes me feel like floating on a cloud of soft pillowy love with swirly vocals and dreamy melodies, all tied together with a sexy electro dance beat. Yummy! SYRE is just starting to make some moves in our musical world, I can't wait to hear what's next! And Next Wave -- crushing the releases!  


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Moving Castle had me at hello. My love affair with this electronic music collective started strong and has outlasted all the others. When you find your family, listening to their music is like going home. Each artist with Moving Castle has their own vibe that intertwines with that feeling of freedom and youth ... this is the "now" ... this is the future! Newest member Astre drops this brilliant electro-pop track "Shades ft. Kevin Blu" and I am swooning over these smooth soulful vocals and chill synthy beats. This one is hawt! Thanks Moving Castle! 


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The dreamy British vocalist Leon Else is back with my favorite disco duo from Los Angeles, Oliver, on a retro but new single “The City Don’t Care.” The song will resonate with any big city boy or girl, especially if you’re an Angeleno. Leon writes the record about the loop-set lifestyle of living in LA, and the pairing of the paradise vibe with the “deceiving side of the city,” as he described it. A friend played this for me the other day, and I was dancing in my seat so hard that my pup, Lou, jumped up to check if mommy was okay. We’ll be seeing this name more often, so stay tuned for more!



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This is not the first time we've talked about this fresh Los Angeles electro pop newbie, and if he keeps dropping jams like this if definitely wont be the last. Autumn In June has a new single "Cocaine Eighties" and we are loving all the things about it! He mixes up 80's new wave electro funk with 90's R&B with synth pop and hip-hop vibes ... I can't get enough! This kid writes and produces all his own tracks in a log cabin in his South Central back yard that he built himself from Youtube instructional videos ... I can't even make this shit up! He's great, and not listening to Autumn in June is not an option.   


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If you've been following our little blog here in the last year, then you've definitely heard us post these two amazing artists time and time again. I'm grateful enough to know personally both parties involved in this remix and I'm super happy to see them doing so well. Cosmos & Creature comprised of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore have been absolutely hustling, giving us tons of material and crushing it release after release. Their single "Young" has been on repeat since it came out back in September (check out our review here), but now we're starting to see the remixes appear. Win and Woo the Chicago duo comprised of Austin Gahsen and Nick Winholt just recently released their killer new single "Recognize (feat. Ashe)," which is crushing both Soundcloud and Spotify, and have also recently launched their new live show and just finished touring with The Chainsmokers, Autograf, and Timeflies. With so much cool stuff happening in both camps it's only fitting they've come together to release this awesome new dance floor heater. Hit play and you'll instantly get hype to this fun tune full of bobbing stabs, piano, deep bass, vox chops, and an infectious chorus lead melody that's very much stuck in my head. You can stream this tune on Spotify here, and can also download it for free here.

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