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How about some California lovin' from one of our best homies Colour Vision! He's given us his top 5 summers jams today, and it's time to get tropical.  This pineapple king is no stranger from poolside vibes and tropical feels; once he even showed up to the Beautiful Buzzz Hollywood HQ with a pineapple .... just because! These tracks are perfect for your summertime playlist -- enjoy! 

Todd Terje - Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian vs Tangoterje dub)
I can't say enough good things about Todd, he is my ultimate tropical disco hero and this tangoterje blend of his single alfonso mukedunder has grown to be one of my favorite tunes. It creates an amazingly comical tiki lounge feel that should be heard at every pool party this summer around the world. 

Ben Browning - Friends Of Mine
I'm incredibly excited that Ben has started releasing more of his lovely indie pop tunes and 'friends of mine' really has become a favorite so far. It's one of those light sunshine infused tunes that i could be stranded on a desert island with and not feel lonely.. be about it! 

DWYR - Make Me Float
One of my favorite up and coming producers at the moment DWYR from the GOYA SOCIAL CLUB in Madrid really delivered a fresh take on a very oversampled tune which i have been getting tons of use out of lately.. extremely vibey.. absolutely ideal for a pool party.

Rambo V - Catalina Bounce
Rambo V has been an underground favorite of mine since he remixed my original 'Sur Chic' last year and the dude constantly delivers fresh tunes of the bouncey/deep variety. My favorite is his single 'Catalina Bounce' that channels some heavy 'Jock Jams' feels wrapped in an infectiously groovy and fun treatment. 

Tony Disco - Papaya Surf ft. Ramisax (Colour Vision 'Tequila Beach Club' Remix)
It may be slightly out of taste to feature one of my own in the mix but i've just released a remix for Mexico's 'Tony Disco' that is hands down my favorite tunes of the summer. I've reworked the stunning original into a groovy latin disco heater complete with sax & a bit of space bossa nova feels for good measure and it's impossible not to smile everytime i listen or drop it in a set.. it was my favorite moment at SPLASH HOUSE this month. much love to the crew down south!