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New Music Tuesday! Oh wait, they do that thing on Fridays now...anyways I'm excited to bring you the premiere of the third original single from Hypercolor. The latest of Grant Wheeler and Matthew Young's various projectswhich include Body Language, Vacationer, and Xan Young to name a fewHypercolor draws inspiration from what's most exciting about modern production, citing influences such as Flume and Mura Masa. Those may sound like big names for comparison, but these guys live up to the hype.

"Ghosts" follows up on the success of the duo's first two originals, "Pretty" and "Animal", and is another stellar display of production chops and emotion. With the help of vocalist Kora Leva, "Ghosts" brings a more pop-infused tinge to the duo's progressive sound. It begins with strummed playful chords and light percussive sounds, slowly building through the first verse and chorus into more energetic luscious synths, chopped vocal samples, and snappy drums. I think it may be my favorite thus far from the guys, but with the consistency in quality we've seen from them already, there's little doubt they'll be slowing down anytime soon.


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Brooklyn production duo Hypercolor dropped their first single a couple months back  a killer tune called "Pretty" that was kind of like what you might imagine it would sound like if Flume featured The Weeknd on a track. Now for their second single, they've enlisted fellow Vitalic Noise family member Julietta as the vocal lioness of this banger. "Animal" is a high-energy anthem of confidence with an array of inspiring sounds from xylophones and marimbas to synth stabs and a smattering of big cat roars throughout. Need a mood lift? This one will get you feeling, as Julietta cries, " anything's possible." Get it!


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Vitalic Noise is one of those labels that is just 100% spot on with everything they get behind; it's like they have a 6th sense of awesomeness and are able to find and develop some of the freshest up and coming electro-pop and electronic music artists from all over the world.  Thier latest slice of perfection is a young lady from New York doing her damn thing, Julietta! She just dropped her debut EP Conquest, and today we are featuring this saucy remix of her self titled track by Nashville producer Super Duper.  He put his signature sound on "Conquest" - serious synthed out flavor that's light and airy..... I'm all about it! Listen and love! 


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I mean .... can JackLNDN just stop already??  NO WAY!!  This kid is on fire, dropping one amazing remix and original track after another.  It seems like we are talking about this muffin every week, and I'm starting to get obsessed with all his sweet sweet funky jams!!  And now JackLNDN has totally rocked my world with this new remix of "Crazy" by Australian legend Thief!!  We love Thief - he stole our hearts last year when he played our SXSW party!!  These two mixing it up together, I mean ... pretty sure I just swooned!  Swoop this one from iTunes HERE