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Mel Ody returns with another genre-bending hit: “Horizon.” The Athens, Greece-based artist has played with a variety of genres in his previous singles and with this release, he dives into an uptempo drum & bass tune featuring powerful, but not overbearing vocals. Mel Ody explains that “Horizon” “was created for everyone who wants to dance alongside the sunset and have a good time during the summer,” and that’s definitely what “Horizon” accomplishes.

With five singles already under his belt from 2019 alone, you’re going to want to follow along with Mel Ody as he continues to hone in on his vibrant sound.

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Alright y'all - the next installment of the steady stream of Titus remixes is here and OMG .... I am all about this one! In a way, we have taken this New Jersey rapper under our wing and kinda just want to tell the world about everything he's dropping, because man it's good! This is our third Titus premiere, and we've supported more of this tracks on BB over the past months. He definitely deserves the exposure and, well, we love him and we want you to love him too! His latest vocal edit slays with this spin on "Gogo!' by Baauer is bananas good, covered in that future hip-hop sound that we've come to know from Titus. You can grab a free download HERE!  


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Oh snap! Super excited for this next premiere - our second from New Jersey rapper Titus! Today he drops this dope remix/vocal edit of "Fly" by San Holo and I am loving everything about it! As a music lover who is just starting to get into hip-hop, this breed of artist who's merging their talent with electronic music is brilliant - opening up so many avenues of creativity, producing awesome tracks like this one here! Titus cooly lays his vocals on San Holo's future feels song like it was effortless - so many feels! Lucky for us, Titus will be dropping a new vocal edit every two weeks in the months to come, and trust me -- they are all bananas good, so keep a lookout! Shout out to Voodoo Bownz for the killer artwork! You can swoop this as a free download HERE!