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Y Balloon has been turning heads since his debut release, “Mockingbird,” the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP. The indie-electronic project is a call to action regarding society’s unhealthy tendency to obsess and abuse social media in the technological age. His second single, “Careless” is a glistening adventure through lush soundscapes inspired by the forest- where it was created in part. As crisp, whispering vocals surround atmospheric synths, a flow of emotion and truth pours out from the track. Dynamic and morally righteous, “Careless” is the second look into the Joy Of Missing Out.

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Making a stunning debut, former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and current purveyor of the now, Y Balloon unveils “Mockingbird.” The cinematic triumph is the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP - the joy of missing out. Atmospheric chords stretch across a plane of robust synths, as feathered vocals whisper in the background. “Mockingbird” was released in parallel with a visually breathtaking music video that features the producer isolated in the desert while a dancer moves fluidly to the natural ebb and flow of the rhythm. This inaugural single marks the beginning of a fruitful vision for the producer. Watch this space for more from the LA ace, Y Balloon.