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After the great soundcloud purge of 2015, I've been feeling blue. While I have watched many of my friends accounts go down in flames, mine has remained intact somehow, so I guess that's cool. But still, the thought of no longer coming across delicious bootleg remixes makes me sad, and once again expression is being censored by big corporate money. However, at least with the hefty regulations we will be seeing more quality official remixes than ever, like this one from Norwegian producer Jerry Folk! His spin on "Desire" by Years & Years is totally discolicious - but everything this legend touches is golden! We've been huge supporters of his signature deep house sound, and it's only getting bigger and better! Lucky for you, this track is available for a free download HERE! Get your Monday dance party started!! 


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I've been keeping a close watch on this muffin for a minute! New York producer Gryffin has been killing the remix game this past year, everything he does is bananas good! You could consider him a soundcloud sensation actually, receiving millions of plays and charting at the top of Hypem, all that is well deserved! This week he dropped a killer remix of "King" by Years & Years that is packed full of everything we love about Gryffin - that bouncy deep house tropical vibe with all the awesome feels!  THIS is a dancefloor dream come true!  I can't wait to see what happens when he releases his first original track!  Hooray it's the weekend, add this one to your playlist kids! 


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Finally - March is here and I can freak out even more!!  SXSW is just weeks away, and I'm beginning to feel like I'm never going to have things sorted in time!!  It's like this every year tho, would not be SXSW without it!!  This weeks Buzzz Box is pretty great, and I'm loving the photography from Masha Demianova!  Get your week started right and have a dance party!