We got it right with this legend last year!  Not only did we include JackLNDN on our Best Of 2014 list, we predicted he would make some big waves in 2015!  Done and done!  We watched this UK producer slay the festival circuit, pack clubs across the US, and become everyone's best friend!  He even moved to the states and now calls Colorado his home.  The minute I came face to face with JackLNDN I knew he was an amazing dude with a heart of gold!  We've had quite a few adventures this year - I was lucky enough to put him on 3 shows for promoters I buy for, one including a crazy 4th of July sold out boat party in Long Beach that got so rowdy the Captain unplugged his CDJ's and yelled at him -- for having too much fire! LOL!  Maybe in 2016 we will see him on a Beautiful Buzzz show -- I'm working on it!  JackLNDN dropped so many awesome remixes and original tracks over the past 12 months with his signature funky dance groove, it's almost hard to keep up.  We don't mind, the more this brilliant musician puts into the world ... the better off we are.  Becoming friends with Jack  has been such a joy, and it's genuine, loving  and hilarious people like him that make the world a better place!  I can't wait to see what's in store in the years to come!