When the buzz started about this little muffin last year, I definitely expected 2015 to be a good year for Jai Wolf.  I am actually kinda bummed I didn't include him on my Ones To Watch in 2015 list because he really did belong there!  However, making our Best Of 2015 list is just as fun and much deserved.  When I saw a clip on his facebook page of his set during Bonnaroo when he dropped his first original track "Indian Summer" that no one had heard yet - I did somersaults of pure joy!  That's when I knew Jai Wolf was going to be the "it thing" this year and a fast rising star.  I put him on one of my shows in LA which I did not get to attend unfortunately, but I heard is was bananas good!  I am sure we are going to see some pretty great things from this legend in the months to come!