KJ Sawka - "Unity of Purpose" On a cold winters day in October a child was born and at that moment, a rumble was felt throughout the world; an omen of all the bass yet to come. Fast forward to present day and KJ Sawka has been an unstoppable force breaking down even the most immovable of objects. He has unleashed singles, remixes, and worldwide platinum records with the likes of Pendulum, Destroid, Conspirator, Blood Drums, ill.Gates, and Mr. Bill while also touring worldwide and giving back to producers everywhere. 

KJ along with his wife Cori hold down the prominent Impossible Records, through which they set loose number one record after number one record of some of the gnarliest heavy hitting bass music around. KJ Sawka returns after 5 years of world domination with a 5 track EP titled ͚Unity of Purpose.͛ This beast of an EP is riddled with his live drum breaks and other live instrumentation from years of world influence. Starting with the epic ͚Prelude͛, an orchestral collaboration with Jason Camiolo who writes the majority of amazing music on the worldwide ͚History Channel͛ sets a dark and melodic tone foreshadowing what is to come.