It's been all about me and this guy in 2014!  I have spent more time this year clowning around with Le Youth than with any other artist, and I have to say I am totally OK with that!  From bringing in the New Year to multi city adventures, late night media interviews in strange green rooms, girls in cha cha heels and vegas dresses falling over, hair whipping, bottle popping, pickleback shots, laughing, dancing, and questionable driving - we've seen it, we've lived it, and we've loved it.  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin were our playgrounds, and having a dance party were our goals.  I love this person with all my heart - BFFs for eva!!  Le Youth also makes some of the freshest jams out there - destroying the scene and DJ sets left and right!  His live shows have become next level with his dirty sexy 90's vibe that will make anyone take off on the dance floor!  Le Youth is my #1 in 2014!!