It's not surprising that Le Youth has been my #1 choice for the second year in a row -- there is just too much love here to make room for anyone else.  Over the past few years this Los Angeles producer and I have watched each other grow and make big moves, providing love and support for one another along the way.  He's one of the few people in my life that I truly believe truly believes in me.  He's also one of the most beautiful and generous people I have ever known, and this past year we've become more than just friends .... we've become family.  Over the summer we raised the bar together when we sold out his biggest headlining show in SF to date, and what amazing night that was!  I stood on stage with him and said, "Look what you've done tonight .... over 1000 tickets!" He simply replied, "It's all because of you." Nothing but love and respect here y'all.  It's absolutely incredible the impact people can have on your life.  We also saw the creation of the Le Youth memes (best promotional material ever used for one of my shows) as well as the Paper Le Youth (a stick figure drawing that went out with my squad on crazy adventures) which most people have not seen, more of an inside joke, but still hilarious.  And .... let's not forget that there is NO party like a Le Youth dance party, and his funky house vibes mixed with those R&B grooves are next to none! I am looking forward to our adventures in the years to come, and with he and I sticking together .... we can accomplish greatness!  Love you boo!