When I booked Louis Futon on the 4th of July Boatylicious Boat party in LA - I knew exactly what I was doing! The promoter thought I was crazy as Boatylicious was typically a disco party, and he was not familiar with this Philly based producer, but I knew ..... I knew that even disco kids like to get low!  Being a smaller party, the second deck was filled with pure fire when he took to the decks, and when he said, "Boatylicious, let's get dirty!" I kinda swoond ... a lot!  And that's just what we did, got real dirty - it was the highlight of my summer for sure!  After that I was treated to hearing unreleased tracks from Louis Futon while I stuffed him into the back of my car with JackLNDN and took them to In-N-Out .... and each track he played I thought ..... fuck I can't believe this is my job!  Dreams do come true!! Louis Futon is part of my new education into bass music I experienced this year, and honestly I am so happy to have spent time with such a sweet soul .... he's the best!!  I can't wait to see that's next!!