Probably on of my most favorite new artists of the year - MELVV came into my life out of the blue ... and I'm totally ok with that! All kinds of artists PM me on my personal facebook, I really don't try to hide my identity and I like meeting everyone really - but occasionally it can be overwhelming and I miss messages. However on this particular day, MELVV caught me at the perfect time! He introduced himself and said another blog was supposed to premiere his new remix of "Midnight Moon" by Oh Wonder but they had gone dark on him. I agreed to listen to the track that that very minute, and 1/2 way through I was beaming with pleasure, telling him I would be more than happy to help him out! The remix was brilliant and I felt like I had stumbled upon something really special! After chatting with MELVV I learned where he was from and that he was only 17 and a Sr. in high school - which I found hard to believe because his music definitely retains a maturity well beyond his years.  The more we talked the more I was on board, and eventually I was introduced to his management, ended up connecting him with agents, and even brought him out for his first West Coast show -- and now this Madison, WI youngster is well on his way!  I've been given a peak at the music he as coming out in 2016, and all I can say is you better get on board now because this kid will go next level! I love my job most for one reason alone - artists like MELVV