This year I have really evolved musically by finding this big love for the low end! Some may say I am late to the party, but I like to think I have arrived at the perfect time to be somewhat of a taste maker with this whole new young crew of artists that are taking electronic music to the next level.  Enter NGHTMRE! This little muffin has been one of few producers that have shown me what BASS is all about!  I never thought I would ever love Trap as much as I actually do, I fucking love it!  This year we saw him explode on the festival circuit and drop huge tracks with remixes, collabs, and originals that can get anyone droppin booty!  There's nothing ratchet here - NGHTMRE brings a brilliant technique with a sophisticated ear, and the strong vibes pour out of him with every beat.  2016 is going to crush for this young LA producer, I can't wait for the ride!