When I first met Nicky Night Time, he showed up at my old venue in SF where I had booked him to play a Van She DJ set w/ live vocals.  I just remember his agent saying to me .... Nicky is beautiful and he's mine, so don't get any ideas.  This was a joke of course - none the less I was pretty excited to finally meet him after being a big Van She fan.  He was having a bad day - missed his flight and some other annoying things that were making him sour, so I decided to wait outside the club until he arrived, and when he did I gave him a big hug - and held onto him.  I even told him I didn't want to let him go because I was so happy to see him. He has since told me it took all his cares away ... that hug ... and we proceeded to have a wild night! My 12 hours with Nicky Night Time that night felt like 12 months, we bonded so quickly and fell in love so fast - it was like we were meant to be the best of friends.  That was 2 years ago, and we still strong!! This Aussie producer/vocalist works so hard - always involved with some project and in 2015 dropped a ton of deep house bangers that we could not get enough of ... for reals. His sound is sooooo sexy! I have it on good authority that Nicky Night Time has some big big things planned for 2016, and I'm thinking all of you are going to love it!  He and I were recently reunited for a few days this fall in Los Angeles, but I still feel like there is not enough Nicky Night Time in my life .... I'll be looking forward to the next time we are together, laughing and causing trouble!