If any of you ever get the chance - ask Oliver Nelson what it means to be a thirsty girl, or what should or should not be said in front of the blogger people!  He will have an answer for you, and most likely laugh about it!  Only a few short weeks ago I finally did hangs with this Swedish producer, and all I can say is he's a baby angel sent straight from heaven.  He brought along a Swedish friend from home and his amazing British manager, I brought 2 of my ladies, and we had one super fun night! This sweet natured boy can dance ... let me tell you!!  Oliver Nelson has been dazzling us with his funky disco house grooves for a minute -- and it was so nice to see him playing so many shows in the states in 2015. He's the kind of guy you want to cuddle up next to and make funny fart noises with while laughing hysterically .... you know what I'm talking about, we all have that one kind of friend.  Once he found out I have spent quite a lot of time in Sweden and have even been to his hometown Uppsala ..... insta BFFs! I think I even convinced him I was part of a Witch House production duo called Ghost Origin ... it was that kind of night, what can I say!  I can't wait for his return to the west coast next year ... so we can dance!