Last year I was told by an industry friend of mine that it was a crime Pat Lok and I had not met in person, because apparently we would be the best of friends!  Well, my friends was spot on! I finally met this Canadian producer, and we instantly fell in love! I was also lucky enough to be in LA and have dinner with him and his agent - good times! Since then Pat Lok and I have had some great adventures, late nights in SF raging, and day drinking in Sacramento .... the all day kind of day drinking for hours and hours sharing stories and talking shop! I totally got him wasted and I liked it!  He's such a sweet and amazing guy and I am so blessed to have him in my life!  Let's also not overlook his sweet sweet jams!  Pat Lok delivers some of the sexiest disco house originals and remixes around, and his live sets are pure fire! I can't wait to have him on a Beautiful Buzzz show in 2016 because it's gonna be bananas!