The first time I met Plastic Plates (Felix) was at one of my shows in 2013, and it was ...... rough!!  Not the show itself - that was sold out and quite the party!  It was everything else, like his flight from LA getting delayed for 12 hours and him arriving 30 minutes after is set time.  Or that the hotel my beer sponsor booked for him was pretty much a hostel for homeless people, and when I picked him up the next day he told me to "never do that to anyone again."  Or directly after I got into a slight fight with my boyfriend (who was in the car with us) and he jumped out of the car yelling at me - and Felix felt responsible.  I felt embarrassed!!  Or directly after that, getting a text from him saying his flight back to LA was again, delayed, and that he was destine to rot his life away in airports.  After all of that, we managed to remain buds, because that's just the kind of guy he is .... rad!!  Our times together have vastly improved this year, and he has released some of the best tracks and remixes that have consistently ruled our headphones.  This Aussie producer / now New York resident has a heart of gold, we love him bunches!!