Plastic Plates has to be one of my favorite people on this planet - for real!  Having this little Aussie muffin in my life has been incredible; he's become somewhat of a big brother figure -- we seem to find all kinds of trouble on our adventures, long conversations about our woes, lots of laughs and he teases me relentlessly.  All signs of a true friend and a great supporter -- hard to find these days! How lucky am I that he also inspires me with his unwavering talent, producing one fantastic deep disco house track after another.  Plastic Plates was one of the first house producers I really listened to ... he got me started on this wild journey and to this day remains my favorite!  This year he's been slaying the remix game ... on after another after another ... like a ninja!  His light shines so bright!  He can also play a mean game of would you rather, and he hates the nickname I have given him, but I don't care!  When we are together in a social setting his favorite story to tell is how I put him in a really awful hotel the first time I booked him on one of my shows - I was a new promoter and didn't know, but he loves giving me a hard time.  We spend hours talking and giggling ... knowing this one is in the world and that he loves me, I feel pretty OK about life.