Hands down one of the best times I had in all of 2015 was with Pomo and our SF adventure! We met earlier this year for the first time at SXSW, and then I put him on a boat party in LA that I did not attend, so his summer SF play at a Beautiful Buzzz party was the first time we got to spend quality time together, and holy cow what a blast! Not only did we have so much fun that night at the show, the next day was just as amazing, if not more fun than the night before!  I was picking up Amtrac at the hotel, and while I was waiting outside for him, Pomo and his lady were walking bye and knocked on my window!  I suggested we all go get burgers and bloody mary's in the Mission, so they hopped into my car, we dropped Amtrac off at the airport, and headed to our location! I had not been to sleep from that night before (it was one of those nights) so I was in rare form, and we drank all afternoon on the patio telling stories and laughing over punk rock music.  One by one we had friends show up and join in the fun, until we were a full table of loud kids having the best time in the joint - and taking pickle back shots!  There were times we laughed so hard that none of us could breathe with tears streaming, and my face was hurting so bad -- OMG the best!  I have not seen my friend since that day, but I know there are many more good times ahead for us in the years to come!  Thanks Pomo for making 2015 one of the best times ever!