I have talked about Prince Fox more than any other artist in 2015!  Rightly so, he's fucking brilliant!  I'm not afraid to get pretty personal when talking about artists, and this little muffin coming into my life has been the most precious experience - it feels like I just won the lottery, or I just made the winning goal, or that first kiss from a boy/girl you really really like!  Our artist/promoter relationship has quickly turned into a radiant friendship, and I finally have that little brother I always wanted.  Whether we are canoddling on a couch in green rooms giggling over postings on social networks, or drunk texting silly faces, or group chatting silliness with his management, we are having the best time ever.  His kind and gentle soul pairs with mine on multiple levels, I just love him so much!  Also, the six degrees of separation between us is kind of bananas - we have so many connections between people it was like we were meant to be.  I've also become very close with his management team (which is something that has not really happened in the past) who have literally become part of my everyday life .... I'm officially part of the Apex squad and feel pretty good about it!  Prince Fox released the absolute #1 jam of the year with "I Don't Wanna Love You" (featured below), and I catch myself singing it all the time.  He's making huge moves and stealing hearts along the way - he swooped up mine this year, and I have a feeling that 2016 will be amazing for this young New York producer.