Following the success of countless singles and remixes over the past two years, 20 year old bass music producer, singer, and songwriter Prismo has made a name for himself in the scene as a sort of Jack-of-all-trades. The landscape he covers in bass music is vast, and electric. With influences from hip-hop, trap, indie dance, and pop his sound is both unique, and undeniably impressive. His high intensity live performance is a combination of all of his influences wrapped into one jaw dropping performance that keeps the audience engaged, and moving. He's run the gamut in Texas having played Lights All Night, Free Press Summer Fest, Day for Night, Euphoria Music Festival, SXSW, many other massives, and just about every premiere club or venue in the Lone Star State. His sights for 2017 are on national domination. Be on the look out for an all new live show, dialed in music, and all new visual branding that further sets him apart from the average Joe.