This year I stood on the stage at a festival I helped book talent for, and watched the #1 artist on my wishlist for this festival .... and watched this legend riiiight here 100% slay the crowd .... and my world.  I give RL Grime top billing for my introduction into Trap music.  A few years back I was happy with my indie dance pop, funky disco vibes, and swooning over this new future sound coming from a certain young Australian producer.  Then it happened, someone put "Tell Me" into my hands and I flipped the fuck out!  These were the kind of feels that can't be found is pretty disco gems -- this was dirty and edgy with all this sex oozing everywhere, and my eyes opened wider!  I was hooked!  We didn't see a ton of new tracks from this Los Angeles producer this year, just a few sick remixes as well as the Void Remixes album, but the impact he made with his live shows and festival plays is why RL Grime made our Best Of 2015 list!  LOVE!