These legends are disco-licious!!  This year I booked Solidisco on my SXSW show, kinda last minute!  Like - a week out or something like that.  When they showed up for their set, the place was packed full with a line around the block - and I was running around like a crazy lady making sure things were running smooth!  As I was standing in the back room during their set and I started thinking to myself - wow, Solidisco is kinda killing it right now!  I would pass my production partner in the hall, and her and I would say to each other, "Are you fucking hearing this right now??  Dude, they are slaying!!"  The room was on fire and I was gushing over the vibe! I then brought the New York duo out to San Francisco over the summer and we sold the joint out - where the party was raging!  Again, their set was FIRE!  Solidisco are pretty much my favorite to see live, and now being total homies it makes me even happier to have them ruling our lives!  Their hard hitting disco tracks make us get cray cray on the dance floor!  Definitely on the top of my best of list for 2014!