Ohh yeaaaa - my boyz!!  For the past few years The Knocks have graced several Beautiful Buzzz parties - two years in a row at SXSW and 2 HUGE sold out parties in SF, we are officially in love!  My New York baes have been dazzling me with their funky disco vibes and super soulful sounds that are on fleek!  And they make me dance - a lot!  B Roc got me all figured out too, playfully calling me out on my #promoterproblems as we laugh and laugh!  And, there is no one else I would rather be with at 6am sitting in the corner of an after hours club sipping whisky gingers and talking about life than my main squeeze JPatt!  The Knocks are such boyfriends!!  They inspire me so much; being are one of those artists I have supported and watched grow from the wee start, and can honestly say the reason I work so hard - providing a platform (both on the blog and stage) for the world to enjoy their brilliance!  We will definitely be having more fun together in 2016, this is family right here and it's strong! LOVE!