Everytime someone mentions Touch Sensitive, my heart fills up with pure joy and I smile.  I spent quite a bit of time with this Aussie legend in 2014, from back alley antics at SXSW to fancy dinners in San Francisco to unexpected meetings in New York - my time with Touch Sensitive is precious and special, because .... well .... he's kind of my hero.  We kicked off the BUZZZMIX Mixtape series with him this year, we saw the release of "Slowments" which is effing brilliant, and we had more fun than we knew what to do with.  Touch Sensitive has one of the kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, he is sweet and amazing wrapped up in a disco funk package.  What he does blows my mind, his talent knows no boundaries, and I will always nerd out over him!!  When people ask me about Touch Sensitive I usually say the following: Touch.Is.Life!  Real love here!