This sweet angel riiiight here will always be on my "Best Of" list - because he's the best of the best!  Touch Sensitive has been a driving force and inspiration in my life and honestly, without him I would have probably given up this game a while ago.  I'd have gone out and found myself a respectable job at some start up with a steady income, where I would most likely just go through the motions of life, find myself a nice jewish boy to marry, start a family, and grow old!  But with a beautiful soul such as Touch Sensitive in my life, showing me so much love and support, there is no way I could ever give up the struggle - because in the end having people like him in my life just proves the high road is worth the tough journey.  Earlier this year we sat in a club in SF and he made me the most amazing promise (that I shall keep between us) and it was something that no one has ever been willing to do for me.  Knowing the kind of guy he is, he probably thinks it's what any friend would do for another ... but it's actually not.  That is what makes him so fucking awesome!  It totally blows my mind that there is someone out there who thinks I am pretty special!  And hello ... have you heard a Touch Sensitive track lately, because it's better than anything ever!  This year Touch Sensitive and I have loved and laughed in multiple cities, from Austin to LA to Sacramento to San Francisco - where the drinks always flow and the music is always tops! I think he's pretty special too .... and I can't wait for what's to come! Love you boo!