This one came about recently, but Tropicool coming into my life has been brilliant and 100% a highlight of my year!  I heard about this guy from LA who started playing DJ sets and making mixtapes of tropical nu-disco vibes - pretty much a pioneer of this amazing developing scene - and I heard he was kinda insane.  But, like the good and fun loving kind of insane.  For the past few years our paths have almost crossed, but never joining!  We have dozens of friends in common and have even been at the same shows, but still never meeting ... until one evening in October when I was running a stage at TBD Festival in Sacramento and he was playing. This kid walks into my trailer and is introduced by a mutual friend, and I'm pretty sure he instantly fell in love with me.  Later that weekend we were hanging in my car on the way to an afterparty and shared our mutual adoration for each other, stamp of approval done!  It's been nothing but bunnies, kittens and flowers with us ever since.  Things I know about Tropicool are - 1) he has zero filter, he just says whatever comes to mind and it floors me, everytime; 2) he is a nasty little nugget, the kind of nasty every girl needs in her life; and 3) he has a huge heart made of pure gold.  I want to be around him all the time.  This year we saw Tropicool release his first original track "Cat Call" which is brilliant, one of my favorites from 2014.  I'm sure the next year we'll see big moves from this legend - and I'm ready to go along on the ride - sliding down some rainbows and shit!