I was up on a San Francisco rooftop in the freezing cold one bitter winter night, or early morning ... how ever you want to look at it ... laughing my ass off at this legend Zimmer.  He was talking in a very thick French accent, which was the funniest thing we had ever heard it seems at the time, because Zimmer is French and has his own Frenchy accent.  I can't remember why we thought it was so funny, but it was.  He then wrapped my scarf around my head like a turban because he claimed it would make me warmer ... it didn't .... but that's when I knew Zimmer would be my forever friend.  Earlier that night he played a scorching set in the city, and shit got rowdy y'all.  Zimmer's remix of "Don't Wanna Dance" by MØ is probably my favorite remix of all time, and this year we saw him drop some serious dance tracks along with his Coming of Age EP that will light up any dance floor.   We've definitely had many fun times this year, drinking champagne and giggling -- I love the French and I 100% love him -- such a beautiful soul and sincere dude, and so so so hilarious! Pretty sure I'll be bringing in the new year with Zimmer at his NYE show in SF, closing out 2015 with the sweetest grooves around!  Big plans with him and Beautiful Buzzz in 2016 as well ... you'll just have to wait and see!