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I have been talking about this band for quite some time now - and as I begin to wind down from my busy day of booking shows, bloging, and sending out one million emails - I turn to Auction because...well....they are RAD!

Just a baby band from the UK - only 323 facebook friends....huh?? But their single "Statues" is like the best thing I have ever heard! I bought the 45 and they shipped it to me, that was cool...I post their music on my facebook, that's cool too...and I put "Statues" on every mix tape I make, very I am just dying for something new from these guys, or some US shows?

Dear Auction: I need a live show! How about you come to SXSW in 2012 and play my popantipop / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society showcase? Or come to LA - you can crash at my place....I don't cook or anything but we can get drunk! I love your muisic....thanks for being RAD!

Download "Statues" here....