Gotye @ The Satellite w/ Kimbra!! 10/18/11

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Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the first Gotye show in the US! Wow! All I can say is that me and about 300 other people knew we were taking part in something very special. I have been waiting for a VERY long time to see Gotye live - his manager called me a "proper fan" - and at this point you could call me a super fan!

Just when I though it could not get any better, I find out that Kimbra has come along to sing on their hit single. "Somebody I Used To Know". I suddendly became 12 years old again, and got that same feeling in my chest that I did when I went to see New Kids On The Block for the first time in 1989!! Apparently she is in the states promoting the US release of her "Settle Down EP"! Doubble wow!!

The show was as expected - AMAZING!! There were a few little technical difficulties - including major feedback when Kimbra sang so you could barily hear her - but I blame their sound guy for fucking that up! I mean, how is it that you have a 2 hour soundcheck and then get the levels wrong?? Should have used the venues sound guy! Ha! What I loved the most was the crowds enthusiasm - it is rare to hear a crowd sing along so loudly in a small club like The Satellite! Sometimes we here on the east side of LA feel above sing-a-longs....but not last night!! and the music...the music....just AMAZING!

Wally De Backer is a sweet and gracious man. I expected him to be much taller, but he is just a little guy who is kind of shy and a little nerdy, but was always smiling and looked you in the eye when he spoke - very genuine, very cool! I am so glad I got to meet him, and I can't wait for him to blow up in America! Well done!!