New Album: Justice

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The thing I am most excited for this month (becides hitting a few Art Vs Science shows) is the new LP release from Justice! I was just reminded about it while facebooking - and a friend posted the video for "Audio, Video, Disco" - which she was not too impressed by the song. I happen to disagree - I love the song and I really like the direction the band is taking. Some people may miss the crunchy distorted beats that Justice is so famous for - but why do the same old thing.....

So far, with this new album, Justice are proving that they can make other music becides distorted house funk music - and trust me, I love the funk - but now we are seeing a different side, not so much funk....could this be their "rock" album?

I am excited to see what else our boys from France will bring us! The New album - "Audio, Video, Disco" - comes out October 24!