Tonight: Vanaprasta @ The Satellite - Los Angeles

[Your Name Here]Comment is good! Tonight is the last night of the Vanaprasta residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles! I have been going on and on and on about this band for about 2 years now! Top 3 favorite band in Los Angeles...for reals!! They take it back to basic rock-n-roll which I love love love! Vanaprasta is the kind of band that reminds me why I fell in love with music, because deep down I am just a rocker - and a sucker for boys with guitars!

They just released their first full length record this month called "Healthy Gemoetry" that echos the dirty sexy 70's rock! Steven Wilkin's vocals are retardedly awesome - and he delivers live! This is a show that cannot be missed!!

Here is my favorite track off the new album, it just mage my greatest First LP / First Track list! See you tonight darlings!

Nine Equals Nine by Vanaprasta