Listening & Loving: Body Language

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One of my best friends named Christine Kemp has a radio show on Mutiny Radio - an online radio station based out of San Francisco, CA. It's called The Youth And Beauty Birgade, and you can here her beautiful voice on Saturday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm - and she plays some amazing new music - from new artsis!!! So if you are tired of hearing Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Sublime, Nirvava, Blink 182, and all the other bands that have been around for over 20 years that keep putting out the same old stuff...listening to Christine will broaden your horizons!

A few weeks back I was listening, and she dedicated a song to her "soul sister" - which is me - and it was a track by Brooklyn, NY band Body Language. I loved it, so now I have been listening to the band non-stop! Christine has such amazing taste and is really on the cutting edge of up-and-coming artists, and knowing what is very cool! Thanks Christine for the song, and your SXSW wish just might come true with this band!

Social Studies by Body Language