Remix: Foster The People - Miss You (ESTAW Remix)

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Biggest band of the year to break out of Los Angeles, and possibly the world. It was just this past February that they had their LA residency at The Echo - and then like a day after they blew the fuck up! They blew up so big that commercial radio had a field day and we heard "Pumped Up Kicks" every half hour. Now it's the end of the year and they are headlining festivals and getting over $100,000 (probibly more) per show! Lucky...lucky guys!

Foster The People may be a dirty word in Los Angeles - and we may be sick of them already - but the remixes coming out are really really good! I give Foster The People credit to having a great sound that is origional, and they put on a pretty good show - and they translate into dance music perfectly! ESTAW put out a remix of "Miss You" last month that I have on quite a few playlists - and it has a fancy little video to go along! Enjoy!