Guilty Pleasure - 30 Seconds To Mars

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Living in Los Angeles, Jared Leto is a person I happen to bump into quite often - mostly at shows.  Once I was standing in line to see MGMT at the Fonda, and he was in front of me.  I asked him if anyone still calls him Jordan Catalano....he did not answer.  I even work closely with an old 30 Seconds To Mars band member, Solon Bixler, who now brings us sweet tunes in Great Northern.  I digress....Mr. Leto seems to have found a way to tickle my senses over the years, and I just can't get enough.

First of all - any band with hot brothers in it rules!!  I am not wrong about this!!  And let's face it ladies, they are getting older which means they are just getting better looking!  This band knows how to please by just looking at you (or by us looking at them)!  Second, having a video that is almost like a mini documentary with a message about saving our planet is always a bonus - because they really really care!!  Third, I believe I love this band so much because they embody true rock - make-up, scarves, tight clothing, and whaling vocals.  When Mr. Leto screams, it makes my toes curl in the best way possible!