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Another treat from SXSW this year was my first time seeing WhoMadeWho live. One of the bands I work with have been telling me for years that WhoMadeWho are one of the best bands they have ever seen, and I can agree that it was one hell of a show! They just come out with a new album on Tuesday called Knee Deep - which touches on a dark dance feel that I can soooooo get into! I have uploaded one of the tracks that stood out to me the first listen through, so here it is!!

Musketeer - WhoMadeWho by beautifulbuzzz

Copenhagen’s WhoMadeWho explore a more sombre, enigmatic creative direction with their new album, ‘Knee Deep,’ The album reflects the band’s love for electronic music in conjunction with 60’s inspired psychedelic vocal productions. WhoMadeWho release ‘Knee Deep’ on 25th April via Kompakt Records. Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg aka WhoMadeWho have paved an illustrious career spanning numerous singles and two acclaimed full length albums. They have certainly been one of the few acts in the past decade to successfully redefine the term “crossover” in music thanks to their genre hopping creative tact. - Harder Blogger Faster

The Making Of WhoMadeWho's "Knee Deep" (Available April 25th) from Kompakt Records on Vimeo.