New Music: Vadoinmessico

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Ok, I am going to admit that I decided to listen to this band simply because of this picture - and I was pleased to find some very interesting and delightful pop songs to share on this hot Saturday afternoon. The band is called Vadionmessico and they are from London, and they are somewhat of a rare find, at least in my opinion. They have undertones of Animal Collective (the Animal Collective that isint all over the place) and have a light and fun spirit about them. I instantly thought it was like Vampire Weekend on acid on a carabian beach....but so much better than that would actually sound like! I missed them at SXSW this year, but it seems like their live show could be a great treat! They have a show coming up on May 18 @ Dalston Boy's Club in Hackney, London.


Curling Up Your Spine by Vadoinmessico