The Great Book Of John

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I am not a huge fan of covers! Something about them just makes me cringe, like when I hear Counting Crows cover Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchelle, or the Ataris cover Boys of Summer by Don Henley - it is at these times where I scream loudly so I cannot hear the music as I reach for the car stereo to switch it off. However, when an artist covers a great song and makes it their own, when they capture a moment so special and bring new meaning to a song, this is where greatness happens - and The Great Book Of John have done just that with their new cover of Never Tear Us Apart by INXS.

I am absolutely in love with this! They come from Birmingham, AL and their southern flavor has soaked into this pop song, turning it into a crispy fried double wide delicatessen! It is dripping with the blues and fuzzy swirling vocals which manage to stir any emotion from deep within. They only recorded this track a few weeks back, after being well received at SXSW, and invited a friend to film the process - the result is a giant second helping of visual pleasure!

You can download this track for free from Communicating Vessels - HERE -

Never Tear Us Apart by The Great Book of John from Communicating Vessels on Vimeo.