R.I.P Ian Curtis

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31 years ago on this day - Ian Curtis took his own life! A tragity really....he was only 24 years old! Joy Division inspired a new movement of music, and their influences can still be heard today - in such bands like Interpol and The Twilight Sad. Ian Curtis was an amazing poet, dark and sad....a true artist with a tortured soul....beautiful in all his misery!

There are things that I like to link between the lives of Ian Curtis and myself! We are both Cancers - our birthdays are only a few days apart in July, and I love all Cancers so I know we would have been good friends! Speaking of birthdays - the exact day I was born was the day that Warsaw (what the band was called before they changed their name to Joy Division) cut their first demo!! Hello!! It's like the stars and planets lined up for a cosmic event on that day! of my all time favorite bands....I wish it could have been different for Mr. Cirtus. May he rest in peace!

Me & Ian - Manchester 2009