New Music: El Obo

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Being a huge fan of Colour Revolt, I was stoked to learn of frontman Jesse Coppenbarger's plans to release a new solo album under the name El Obo. Album is due out May 10 - and from what I have heard so far, we are in for a real treat!

Outside of his main band duties, Jesse Coppenbarger writes other music that doesn't quite match the scheme of Colour Revolt. These songs have a life all their own and cast Jesse and his many talents in a different light. Entitled El Obo, this new solo/side project gives these songs an outlet and allows Jesse to venture into new unchartered territories. With the assistance of former Fletcher bandmate Steven Bevilaqua to fill in gaps/holes and pull the sound together, El Obo's aesthetic swings from dark, brooding mood folk to lush pop balladry with suprising ease.

Although we hate to pigeonhole, words like "pensive", "intimate" and "reflective" come to mind when pondering El Obo material. Jesse's country home digs in the Oxford, MS backwoods have apparently taken toll on the stripped bare arrangements which comprise the early demos. With piano and acoustic guitar taking the forefront, El Obo evokes beauty and speaks great volumes through hushed sound...

elobo by willmcdonald