Remix Wednesday: The Gay Blades

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Recently I had the pleasure of having The Gay Blades play my SXSW showcase! It was a very busy Friday at SXSW, and I actually added the band last minute when another fell through, and I have to say it was the best thing to happen....ever! They are delicious!! 

When James Dean Wells AKA Clark Westfield and Quinn English AKA Puppy Mills showed up and found me in the back alley behind the venue, they brought with them all the positive and happy energy that I really needed at that moment! Once The Gay Blades showed up, the party that night really began!

It was a family affair, with Saint Motel, The Californian and She Wants Revenge all playing right around the time The Gay Blades were - and all of a sudden we were drinking, laughing and making new friends - and having a blast! I love The Gay Blades, and they will now and always be part of my musical family! I hear rumors of a west coast tour later this year.....rad!

Here are a few remixes from The Gay Blades for this Remix Wednesday!

Try To Understand (Dmerit Remix) - The Gay Blades by beautifulbuzzz

O Shot (Black Jesuses Remix feat. Ant Stone) - The Gay Blades by beautifulbuzzz