Listening & Loving: Cage The Elephant

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You don't have to tell me I am 5 months behind - but hey I am a busy girl....and yes I did listen to the new Cage The Elephant album when it came out on January, but I put it aside until today. My buddy was going on and on about it yesterday, so today it was time to put on the headphones and really listen.

I was an early Cage The Elephant fan - and remember when the KCRW's of the world and specialty radio started playing Ain't No Rest For The Wicked and it made me very happy to hear this awesome band start to break. A buddy of mine from London was kind enough to send me a bunch of 7' from this band which only came out in the UK, and when I was spinning quite a bit at Spaceland, I would play them all the time, and each time I did someone would aske me who the band was, and I would reply - the best band around!

Now here we are 3 years later and they are HUGE - which also makes me happy! Thank You Happy Birthday is great - I love the way this band can mix funk and indie rock and hard rock and the blues and punk and pop....making it so enjoyable for everyone. Live - forget about it, this band is off the charts, which for me personally, means everything! I will miss the days when I could see this band in small clubs, but happens!

Cage The Elephant - Back Stabbin' Betty by frontporchmusings