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Australia - stop it - seriously!! How is it that you can continue to hand us effing AMAZING music! All that ever happens lately is I hear music I love, find out where that band / musician is from, and the answer is always AUSTRALIA! You are making the rest of the world look bad....real bad!!

Gotye is my newest obsession from down under. Pronounced "Gaultier", this Belgum born Australian raised musicion has done the thing every musician dreams about doing - recording and producing his own record in his bedroom, releasing it independently, and then wining some of the top music awards Australia has to offfer, all on his own. Now, of course, he is a powerhouse in Australia - selling out all his shows and his video for "Somebody I Used to Know" (see below) has almost 6 million views, but he is still a bit unknown to much of the world.....but I have a feeling it wont be like that for long!

He just released his latest album in the states last month called "Making Mirrors", and it is a must have!! Thank you Australia for EXPLODING with awesome music!